Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Women's Day offer on jetairways​.com

This March, here's a special offer for all our women guests booking their travel on Jet Airways flights within India, to international destinations and on JetLite codeshare flights.

Avail upto 15% off when you book tickets exclusively on jetairways.com.
• 15% Off on flights within India. Valid for one-way travel on Saturday and Sunday in Economy
• 10% Off on flights within India. Valid for one-way travel from Monday to Friday in Economy
• 5% Off on International flights. Valid for one-way and return travel on all days in Economy
Image Discount is applicable to all guests on a single booking provided atleast one traveller is a woman
Image Tickets must be purchased on or before March 31, 2012
Is it a deal? Tip from FFI : It depends on the price of the ticket. You already get Rs 500 discount when you fly on weekends even on one way ticket. So, if you ticket price is approximately more than 3500, then this 15% might exceed that Rs 500 discount. Otherwise, just pass this deal and use the usual Rs. 500 offer. Calculation will change if you are flying on weekday and not on weekend. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Obtain Free Red Status with Kingfisher in 2 minutes

Kingfisher’s loyalty program KingClub is offering free Red/Silver status to premium MasterCard holders. To register, you should have an eligible MasterCard (Platinum, World, Titanium Credit Cards or a Premium Debit Card), and you have to enter the first 6 digits on the Kingfisher website here, to get your upgraded status. Titanium and Platinum tiers get Kingfisher KingClub Red tier, but World MasterCard users get KingClub Silver. Please note, this promotion works when you open a new account with Kingfisher Airlines KingClub, and not on existing accounts. You also get 250 miles credited for opening your account, and if you fill up your details to complete the profile, another 500 come your way. Also, you and me both can be befitted by some miles if you enter my membership number 55874593  as the referrer while registering. Please comment here once you register under this offer and your experience.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KingClub Conversion Offer

KingClub (FFP from KingFIsher) has a promotion offer going on where you can get upto 30% extra miles.

Here is the deal:
  • Convert your loyalty points equivalent to 1,000 to 4,999 King Miles in one shot & earn 20% bonus King Miles
  • Convert points equivalent to 5,000 to 9,999 King Miles in one shot and earn 25% bonus King Miles and 1 upgrade voucher
  • Convert points equivalent to 10,000 King Miles in one shot (and then onwards in multiples of 10K) and earn 30% bonus King Miles + 2 upgrade vouchers + 1 One-way Kingfisher Class/Red domestic ticket (base fare) free
This offer is valid from 21st Feb 2012 to 31st March 2012.

Details of this offer and Terms and Conditions can be found at the official KingClub page for this offer.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Get Discount on Jet Airways Ticket

Great discounts attractive LoFares on destinations within India and International, only when you book on jetairways.com.

Book on JetAirways.com and avail following discounts.

Tip from FFI(Frequent Flyer India): You will not see this discount in initial page is you select flexible dates. However, once you select the date you want to travel, you will see original price as well as dicounted price.
Rs. 500 discount + 500 miles for booking online + 250 miles for web check in + regular JP miles + some miles on your credit card = smile on your face

Destinations within India:

  • 10% discount on return trip
  • INR 500 off on one-way trip (Valid for travel on Saturday and Sunday only)
  • INR 200 off on one-way trip (Valid for travel between Monday to Friday)

Terms and Conditions

  • INR 500 off is applicable for one way travel in Economy and Première* on Saturday and Sunday only
  • INR 200 off is applicable for one way travel in Economy and Première* between Monday to Friday
  • * The offer is valid on select routes only
  • 10% discount is valid for return travel in Economy and Première on Domestic routes
  • Applicable on tickets issued for Adult, Child and Infant in INR currency only
  • Guests can purchase tickets on or before February 29, 2012
  • Guest can commence their journey within the validity of the ticket
  • Any changes / cancellations to the booking will attract applicable charges as per fare rules
  • Offer is not valid on special web fares

International Destinations:

  • Avail 10% discount on return trip

Terms and Conditions

  • 10% discount is valid on base fare for return travel in Economy and Première
  • Applicable on tickets issued for Adult, Child and Infant in INR currency only
  • Guests can purchase tickets on or before February 29, 2012
  • Any changes / cancellations to the booking will attract applicable charges as per fare rules
  • Offer is not valid on special web fares

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easy ways to earn bonus KingClub miles

There are many ways with which you can earn some easy Kingfisher miles. Some of the ways for which you need not to pay even a penny are mentioned here.
1. Kingfisher gives 250 miles for opening a new account. (Ongoing as of Feb 2012)

2. Kingfisher was giving approx 500 miles for posting reviews of 3 hotels in tripadvisor if those reviews were published. That was a very easy way in which you could have earned 400 miles in just 30 minutes. (Expired)

3. You can earn 500 miles just for updating your profile. That means, open a new account, earn 250 miles, then update your profile and get additional 500 miles.

4. By simply booking a ticket on FlyKingfisher.com, you can earn 500 bonus King Miles. Bonus miles will be credited only on successful completion of travel and upon quoting the King Club Membership number (FFP).

5. Earn 250 bonus King miles every time you do a we Check in.

6. You (and me) both can earn some extra miles if you put my referrer account number while joining KingClub. While filling the online form for joining, in the end at bottom, it will ask if you are referred by someone. You can put my Kingclub account number , 55874593,   and we both can be benefited as follows.
Six months after the new referred member’s enrolment, the new member’s flight activity will be reviewed. As long as the new member has attained the required Sector Points, both of us will be rewarded handsomely.

JetPrivilege program from Jet Airways

With JetPrivilege, members enjoy a truly rewarding experience with unique privileges across five membership tiers: Blue, Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and the exclusive Platinum.
JetPrivilege members can expect to earn more miles, enjoy more benefits, quicker tier upgrades and easier tier renewal, easier redemption and more.
JetPrivilege members can download the Programme Handbook, Partner Handbook and Mileage Chart. For terms and conditions on the JetPrivilege programme and partners please click here.
Nowdays, a promo offer is available for new members who join this program. Join by clicking on this link and you will get 2000 miles free in your account. Thats good to be called a true deal.
500 Bonus JetPrivilege Miles whenever you book tickets using one of the following: online booking , use our Mobile Ticketing Service, IVR Ticketing Service or Pay Online Service
250 Bonus JetPrivilege Miles each time you Check-in Online at Jetairways.com or, SMS Check-in or, you make use of our Kiosk Check-in facility, which is available to you at the Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Mumbai airports.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frequent Flyer Program with KingFisher Airlines

Kingfisher has also very attractive frequent flyer program known as King Club. King Club membership has various tiers depending on the qualifying miles you have earned or the qualifying sector points you have earned. Interestingly, Kingfisher is now joining OneWorld, one of the major frequent flyer airline group, which has members such as American Airlines. Though, exact date is not known, Kingfisher will join OneWorld sometime in late 2011 or early 2012. Besides this, kingfisher partners with other airlines such as Delta, which is a major Airline in USA. I will keep posting more info about this program in my future posts.

Currently kingfisher has a promotion going on which entitles new members to earn 250 mioes for joining and 500 miles for subscribing to their newsletter.

You will also enjoy the opportunity to earn King Miles with a wide range of other premium partners including credit card companies, luxury and business hotels, car rental providers, publishers, investment and insurance companies, telecom service providers and more.